John Pittard



Fundamental Disagreements and the Limits of Instrumentalism

    Forthcoming in Synthese.

Evil and God’s Toxin Puzzle [Pre-refereed version]

    Forthcoming in Noûs.

Disagreement, Reliability, and Resilience

    Synthese 194 (2017): 4389-4409.

Metanormative Contextualism and Normative Uncertainty (coauthored with Alex Worsnip)

    Mind 126 (2016): 155-193.

Religious Disagreement, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Resolute Conciliationism [Pre-refereed version]

  1. Philosophical Quarterly 65 (2015).

When Beauties Disagree: Why Halfers Should Affirm Robust Perspectivalism [Penultimate version]

  1. Oxford Studies in Epistemology, Vol. 5.

Conciliationism and Religious Disagreement [Penultimate version]

  1. In Challenges to Moral and Religious Belief: Disagreement and Evolution, ed. Michael Bergmann and Patrick Kain.

Current work:

Work that is nearing completion or under review includes the following:

  1. A paper that explores tensions between the commonsense view that we should hope that horrendous evils do not occur and the thesis that God “defeats” horrendous evils by using them to bring about great goods.

  2. A book that critically assesses disagreement-motivated religious skepticism.