John Pittard



Disagreement, Deference, and Religious Commitment

    Book under contract with Oxford University Press

Fundamental Disagreements and the Limits of Instrumentalism

    Forthcoming in Synthese.

Evil and God’s Toxin Puzzle [Pre-refereed version]

    Forthcoming in Noûs.

Disagreement, Reliability, and Resilience

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Metanormative Contextualism and Normative Uncertainty (coauthored with Alex Worsnip)

    Mind 126 (2016): 155-193.

Religious Disagreement, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Resolute Conciliationism [Pre-refereed version]

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When Beauties Disagree: Why Halfers Should Affirm Robust Perspectivalism [Penultimate version]

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Conciliationism and Religious Disagreement [Penultimate version]

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